PRO-Communicator Radio Adapter

Technical Specification

A New Solution for improved Radio Communications

Adapter for Radio/Walkie Talkie Communications

The Adapter allows the user to integrate our Pro-Communicator or an alternative custom earpiece to an existing radio earpiece system whilst still allowing the use of the inline Push To Talk Mic.

The appropriate electronic or acoustic tube earpiece for the specific Radio system is required to connect the Adapter to the Hand-held Comms system.

Click HERE for the spec sheet


How to fit the Adapater

Where the acoustic tube joins onto the cable there will be a small round box which the cable plugs into (this is called the transducer), detach the cable from the box you will then have a 2 pin connector on the end of the cable this plugs into the adapter, the other end of the adapter is a 3.5mm female mini jack this is where your Pro-Communicators plugs into. This allows the use of the existing PTT mic on the Earpiece cabling. if you are using our ACS Pro-Communicator Earpiece with the appropriate Filter then this will be considered Hearing Protection whilst still able to hear Radio communications at a reduced audio level as well as being able to hold conversations in loud enviroments without removing your Earpiece.

NOTE: Some none genuine Acoustic Tube Earpieces do not have a removable cable from the Transducer


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