Cosmic Ears U4 Universal IEM

Technical Specification

Product overview:

Each and every product in our range is designed and built by hand, in England.

Inspired by the sound design of our Custom in Ear range, the Universal range is the labour of over 2 years of research & development in pursuit of the perfect earphone, that quite simply, offers exceptional sound reproduction and aesthetic quality for everyone.

Our high-grade aluminium shells are the outer housing of the Universal Range, and the first line of protection offering a truly robust yet premium finish. What’s more, you can customise your Universals in our “IEM Design Lab” to make them yours truly, with thousands of colour swap shell / faceplate / insert combinations.

Next, our acoustically moulded shock absorbing manifold brings additional protection for the all-important sound technology that delivers our incredible sound, a *defence against the bumps and shocks encountered in everyday life.

How about the sound? Our signature sound is trusted by stadium selling artists and musicians through to professional sportsmen and women, audiophiles, commuters, bedroom ravers, and sofa loving podcasters! Our cutting-edge balanced armatures produce sound like no other, resonating to create a soundscape rich yet crisp, full bodied yet delicate – it’s like having a symphony in your ears. The more drivers you have (1 being our entry level, 8 being our highest spec option), the more layered and detailed the sound will be.

To receive the Cosmic Ears sound, delivery to the ear canal is through our laser cut stainless steel sound nozzles that ensure ultra-smooth audio delivery. The sound nozzles also contain a built-in wax filter to prevent ear wax entering the inner nozzle.


Universal Unique Features


Robust aluminium housing

Superior protection to face the rigours of everyday life

Shock Absorbing Sound Manifold

Acoustically modelled shock absorbing manifold

Added protection for the speakers against bumps and shocks

Professional Sound

Cutting edge balanced armature speakers

Produce exceptionally smooth, crisp but full ultra-clear sound

Expose intricate frequency delicacies in the mix of every track, instrument and voice

Stainless Steel Sound Nozzles

Exceptional strength with comfort

Laser cut with ultra-smooth sound delivery

Integrated wax guard

Detachable Cables

Industry standard 2 pin Pro-Q Cable Clear

Starting at £599.00

Though not strictly a reference model, our U4 hosts 4 balanced armatures per side, and is the ‘go to’ choice for many musicians who require a ‘neutral’ frequency response, one which offers the truest sound from our product range. Expect all the qualities of our U3, but with wider expression.

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