JH Sharona Custom IEM

Technical Specification

Drivers : (16 per side) Balanced Armatures - Quad Low, Quad Low-Mid, Quad High-Mid, Quad Supertweeter
Crossover : True 4-way Integrated Crossover (Passive)
Input Sensitivity : 114 dB @ 1mW
Frequency Response : 10 Hz to 25 kHz
Impedance : 16 Ω
Noise Isolation : Approximately -26 db reduction of ambient noise
Input Connector : 3.5mm Gold plated Stereo Mini Jack - 7-Pin Litz Wire Connector with Built-in O-ring
Ambient Feature : No
Custom Fit : Yes
Also available in Universal fit : No


  • Freqphase WaveGuide™ Technology creates the most phase accurate IEMs on the market by correcting misalignment caused by low, mid, and high frequencies traveling to your ear at different speeds.
  • Acoustic Sound Chamber™ is a 3D printed, recessed tubing system that is the first of its kind, keeping sweat at bay and alleviating the need for excessive cleaning.
  • Soundrive™ Technology utilizes JH proprietary mini quad drivers. This allows JH Custom IEMs to remain smaller in size while housing up to 12 drivers per side.
  • Freqphase Time & Phase Waveguide
  • Acoustic Sound Chamber
  • T2 Connector System
  • High purity OFC 4N silver-plated litz wire cable (Non-Attenuated).


JH Audio is proud to introduce a new flagship In-Ear Monitor, The Sharona, their first-ever 16-Driver configuration with a true 4-way crossover. Sharona features the all-new Knowles RAU Quad Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response starting where most balanced armature drivers roll off (12 kHz) and pushes out to 25 kHz. Sharona offers a highly accurate, well-rounded sound signature with the punchy low-end of the Layla and the smooth mid-range growl of the Roxanne. The addition of the RAU delivers expansive stereo imagery full of depth and width while creating more air for high-range reproduction. Paired with Freqphase™ and Acoustic Sound Chamber™, Sharona is fully loaded with JH Audio’s industry-leading technology and built for life on tour.

Pictured with the Cobalt Signature Design UPGRADE (£650)


JH International Fedex Economy Shipping will be selected for this product @ £35.00 – if you wish to have your order shipped by any other method please call 01392 231051.

Starting at £2,360.00





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