UE Premier Custom IEM

Technical Specification

Drivers : 2 Dual Sub-Low 4 Dual Mid-Low Diaphragm 1 Quad Mid 1 True Tone 1 Quad High Super Tweeter
Crossover : 5 Way Passive Crossover
Input Sensitivity : 105 dB @ 1 kHz, 1mW
Frequency Response : 5Hz - 40kHz
Impedance : 15 Ohms @ 1kHz
Noise Isolation : -26 db reduction of ambient noise
Input Connector : 3.5mm - 1/8” Stereo Headphone Jack - Waterproof connection system
Ambient Feature : Yes
Custom Fit : Yes
Also available in Universal fit : No


  • Dual low and high drivers provide extra headroom for increased dynamic range
  • Excellent acoustic isolation rejects noise in any environment
  • Custom, personalized fit stays secure and comfortable
  • Waterproof connection system and SuperBAX cable provide lasting durability


A New Dimension of Sound

Loaded with 21 drivers per side, these are UE’s most advanced in-ear monitors. Ever.

*25 Business Day turnaround time

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Solid Colours
Translucent Colours
Sparkle Colours
Speciality Finishes

Starting at £2,640.00


    Order Notes

The Only IEMs You’ll Ever Need

Your IEMs shouldn’t box you in—they should set you free. Move from bass to mandolin in the studio, transition between hard rock bangers and gentle ballads on stage or swap between ‘90s country and modern hip-hop playlists. UE PREMIER can handle it all with unmatched precision and detail.

Frequencies You Can Feel

Hear music the way it was meant to be heard with studio-quality sound that brings even the most intricate details into focus. An industry-leading 21 drivers produce extended full-range output, pristine clarity and full-spectrum frequency response. Enjoy deeper lows, clearer highs and more articulate mids.

High-End Sound. High-End Tech.

From advanced dual diagram balanced armatures to class-leading quad super tweeters, along with our proprietary True Tone plus driver, UE PREMIER boasts a full-spectrum sound signature with the most cutting-edge in-ear technology available today.

True Tone Plus

UE PREMIER features our innovative, proprietary True Tone Plus driver that delivers upper-register harmonics and overtones to bring presence and warmth to your music. Live performers, studio musicians, producers and music lovers alike will hear added detail, separation, musicality and coherence in their music.

Extended Range

The open, airy feeling we get from live music and the highest-quality sound systems comes from the upper end of the frequency spectrum. Knowles’ Quad Super Tweeter works with our True Tone driver to extend UE PREMIER’s frequency range up to 40kHz, creating a supreme, top-of-the-line experience with pristine lossless fidelity that gives your music a more natural feel.


All of our models are compatible with all popular IEM system, portable audio devices, and work with our proprietary Bluetooth Cable and app.

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