By law, hearing protection equipment (HPE) is required in any workplace environment where the average noise exposure is over 85dB (A). Health and Safety officers, from April 2019, must also make sure that the hearing protection equipment used by employees comply with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU)2016/425.

The PRO Series earplugs are suitable for a wide range of environments providing custom fit comfort and guaranteed levels of safe protection. The manufacturer ACS have been specialising in professional custom-made hearing protection and communication solutions since 1994 & has become the standard for industrial applications worldwide. All ACS ear protection for industry conform to European regulation and British certification.

To discover your exposure time with and without hearing protection see our Safe Exposure Calculator.

There are a range of PRO filters that provide different levels of attenuation to ensure the correct sound reduction is achieved in any environment. They reduce the sound to safe levels without causing muffling, so the wearer can still communicate safely, hear warnings and alarms.

Pro-Earz also offer a range of custom fit in-ear communication products to combine hearing protection with the ability to stay in touch in noisy environments.

For replacement earplug filters please visit the Accessories page.

NOTE: The cost having your impressions taken is included in the purchase price. Contact us to make an appointment, we have locations for the ear impression taking service throughout the UK.

Key Features

ACS provide a wide range of colours, earplug ‘grips’ to aid insertion and removal, neck cords and laser etching to imprint user’s name or serial numbers for easy identification.

PRO Series earplugs also offer the cost and environmental benefit of being re-usable – while one or more pairs of disposable plugs maybe discarded every day, one pair of ACS earplugs can last for years. Visit our Cost Calculator to see how much you could be saving with ACS hearing protectors.

For more guidance and to find the right product for your industrial environment please click on the product pages for more detailed information and technical specifications.