How to Buy Guide

If you’ve purchased a Custom Product we will need Impressions of your ears.

We have tried to make this process as easy as possible.

1. Place your order online, & receive a confirmation email & instructions. If you do not receive this email – then please check your junk folder.

2. Use the search map below to find an Impression Taker.

3. Book an appointment direct with the service provider in your area.

4. Advise you need impressions for custom In-Ear Monitors/Hearing Protection

5. You or your impression taker need to send us the impressions. The address is provided on your order confirmation email.

6. We will send confirmation of the delivery tracking information when your order has been dispatched.

Alternatively, Ear Impressions can be taken at our Pro-Earz & Pro-Aquaz office in Newquay.

ACS Products – The impression cost is included in the purchase price, you will be emailed an e-voucher, with the confirmation email, to print & take to the appointment – please ensure that the impression taker will accept this prior to the appointment.

All other Brands – The impressions are an extra charge paid directly to the Impression taker.  The price for this can vary starting at around £50 but can be as much as £120 depending on the provider.

Any problems with obtaining an appointment for any  of our products please contact us.

01637 520130                                                                                                              

Please note:

  • We scan your ear impressions and an electronic copy will remain good to use for four years, so if you want anything else from the custom product range you can order directly with us – no need for another set of ear impressions!
  • Custom products require good deep impressions in order to create a seal in the ear so it is important there is no wax blocking the ear canal. If you think you may have a wax build up, please visit a local Audiologist  for a consultation before booking an appointment for ear impressions. You may be charged a fee if an impression provider is unable to take impressions on the day.
  • *Under 18’s – Not all dealers are able to take ear impressions for people under the age of 18. Before purchasing please check with the dealers in your area.

International Enquiries

If you are not in the UK we have partners in various locations around the world who can take impressions & arrange for manufacture of products please contact us for advice on ordering and shipping.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Where to get your impressions done