Custom made from a soft silicone specifically to the individual for all types of watersports activities.

With our specially designed filters PRO-AQUAZ Ear Plugs allow you to hear in the water whilst stopping water ingress & protecting your ears from the elements. By sealing to the ear canal this helps prevent the onset of Surfers Ear (Exostosis), Swimmers Ear (otitis externa), Ear Infections & Ear Inflammation that can occur from cold water surfing & swimming.

They are a Waterproof & Surf safe Earplug.

If you aren’t worried about hearing whilst you are in the water then we have Swim plugs which are a custom made earpiece that keeps water out of your ear whilst swimming.

NOTE: The cost having your impressions taken is included in the purchase price. Contact us to make an appointment – we have locations for the ear impression taking service throughout the UK.