Impression Taking Service

Technical Specification

If you’ve bought a custom product we’ll need impressions of your ears, impressions are a 3D moulding of your ear canal. are able to help you with this process as they have a network of Impression takers around the UK & Internationally. Just go to our buying guide, enter your postcode & you will get a list of all the impression takers within 25miles of your location.

Just remember – if your have ordered one of our ACS custom products you will get an e-voucher sent to you by email – print this off and take this with you to the appointment and the impression taker will handle the rest.

Also, we are able to do this in person at our Kernow Ear Care Clinic, based in Newquay, Cornwall, just click on this link and you will be able to book an appointment online.

After Your Appointment

Your impression taker will send your ear impressions, together with your voucher, to us and we’ll take it from there. We’ll let you know by e-mail that we’ve received your impressions, and we’ll contact you again by e-mail to let you know when your completed order has been despatched.

We scan your ear impressions and an electronic copy will remain good to use for four years, so if you want anything else from our custom product range you can order directly with us – no need for another set of ear impressions!
*Please note – custom products require good deep impressions in order to create a seal in the ear so it is important there is no wax blocking the ear canal. If you think you may have a wax build up, please visit your local Wax Removal Sepcialist, if you need help with this then please click on the following link  where you will be able to book in for a consultation before booking an appointment for ear impressions. You may be charged a fee if an impression provider is unable to take impressions on the day.

*Under 18’s – Not all dealers are able to take ear impressions for people under the age of 18. Before purchasing please check with ACS dealers in your area.

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