Pro-Aquaz Watersports Earplugs

Technical Specification

Custom made specifically to the individual for all types of watersports activities.

With our specially designed filters PRO-AQUAZ Ear Plugs allow you to hear in the water whilst stopping water ingress & protecting your ears from the elements by sealing to to the ear canal this helps prevent the onset of Surfers Ear (Exostosis), Swimmers Ear (Otitis Externa), Ear Infections & Ear Inflamation that can occur from cold water surfing. They are a Waterproof & Surfsafe Earplug.

The cost having impressions taken is included in the price. It’s easy to make an appointment for your impressions just follow the instructions on the PDF you receive with your order email or if you have any problems please email us at or call 01637 520396. We have locations for impression takers all over the UK.

  • Watersport

Starting at £64.50

Our state-of-the-art PRO-AQUAZ Watersports Earplugs are custom moulded to your ears for maximum fit and comfort, keeping the water out of your ears & letting the sound in.

They’re suitable for all watersports and help prevent the onset of Surfers Ear (Exostosis) & Swimmers Ear (otitis externa)

The Pro-Aquaz Watersports Earplugs come in Red & Blue colours so its easily distinguishable which ear they fit into & are made from a 35 Shore medical grade soft silicone that floats & sit flush to the ear, they can easily be worn under a hood or helmet & come with a detachable cord so when you remove them from your ears & they hang around your neck.

Our Filter technology reduces audio by a minimal amount of approximately 10 decibels

The product should fit for around 4 years before you may need another fitting, this is due to the natural growth of the ears throughout your life. If you have any doubts as to whether the product is fitting correctly please contact us for advice or call us on 01392 231051/ 07968 603244 / 07976 522883

Using specifically designed software we can also perform an Acoustic Leakage test to ensure the Product is sealing to the Ear Canal.

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