With state of the art communication components, a range of hearing protection filters, custom cable and connector options – Pro-Earz can meet any specification necessary for your specific discipline.

The PRO-Drivercom and Drivercom Custom earpieces both incorporate high fidelity speakers to give crystal clear communications for drivers and crew. The Drivercom features a short cable and adaptor options for connection to helmet comms, while the PRO-Drivercom incorporates speakers and attenuating hearing protection within the earpiece for dual performance versatility.

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Pro-Earz is a British based company with international reach that work with manufacturers who conform to worldwide regulations, rigorous operating procedures, quality assurance and security protocols.

Dangers of Wind Noise

We’ve heard too many times when speaking to drivers and riders, ‘It’s ok, my car isn’t that loud!’ or “My crash helmet has built in padding for hearing protection”. If you believe that alone is enough to protect your hearing, think again. Our ears are exposed to an assortment of loud noises from other vehicles around us, loud exhaust pipes, sirens, and perhaps the most damaging over a long period of time, wind noise.

The movement of wind produces vibrations in the air and when it hits a solid surface, such as a helmet, our eardrums turn these vibrations into the sound we recognise as a whooshing wind noise. The intensity of sound is measured in decibels (dB). Up to 80dB of sound offers little to no risk to our hearing even after long periods of exposure time. At 85dB, we have up to 8 hours of safe exposure time. The wind noise inside most helmets’ averages 95dB to 105dB when travelling at around 60mph, giving you as little as 7 and a half minutes of safe exposure time and the faster you travel, the higher the sound levels. Unfortunately, the impact of our ears being regularly exposed to wind noise may cause permanent hearing damage and Tinnitus.

There a few ways in which you can reduce the amount of wind noise you are exposed to, one of them being earplugs. PRO Series Custom Earplugs are made from soft, medical grade silicone which fit perfectly and comfortably inside your ears whilst wearing a helmet. They are designed to reduce the harmful high frequencies by using vented filters, without muffling the sounds of the world around you. The result of this will allow you to react better to your environment, feel less fatigued and most importantly protect your hearing. Don’t let the sport you love damage your hearing and possibly change your life forever – Drive Safe Now so you can still Hear Tomorrow.